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Buggy Motors Joyner

2 Seats
2 Bags
Transmission: Manual
Fuel: Petrol


The  Buggy Motors Joyner can be driven with  B Category driven licence and is a  high-performance  two-seater buggy ATV model designed to offer riders an exhilarating and thrilling off-road experience.

The Buggy Motors Joyner is powered by a 1100cc engine that produces an impressive 72 horsepower, making it a beast in challenging terrain. Its advanced suspension system, which includes dual A-arm front suspension and rear suspension with a stabilizer bar, delivers a smooth and comfortable ride even on the toughest terrain. The buggy also features a manual transmission, and hydraulic disc brakes, ensuring top-level performance.

The Buggy Motors Joyner's design is both stylish and practical. The sleek and sporty design of the buggy catches the eye, while the comfortable bucket seats and ample legroom provide a comfortable ride for passengers. The buggy also comes with customizable options like a windshield, roof, and winch, making it perfect for both work and play.

In conclusion, the Joyner Renegade R2 from Buggy Motors Joyner is a powerful and versatile off-road vehicle that offers riders a thrilling adventure. Its combination of power, performance, and comfort make it the ideal choice for adventurous riders who want to experience the outdoors in style.

Overall, Buggy Motors Joyner is a reliable and stylish ATV that is perfect for a holiday on Santorini island.The  Buggy Motors Joyner is sure to make your holiday on Santorini island unforgettable.


24/7 Roadside assistance
Driving License B
Taxes and VAT Included
Unlimited mileage
from 110,00
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